Welcome to the Origami Spirit Shop! The products we share here reflect our joy for origami and all the happiness that the creative art of folding paper can bring whether someone is just beginning or has many years of experience. 

Origami Spirit will help you develop a personal creative and mindful origami practice to create joy and find personal satisfaction. 

My name is Leyla Torres, and I help people to master the peaceful art of origami (paper folding).

On our main website you will find many tutorials where I demonstrate easy ways of folding paper to make delightful creations for personal enjoyment and to share with those you love.

I help people interested in origami master their skills and creativity with paper folding by sharing resources, techniques, and community so that they can use origami for self-expression and as a teaching and therapeutic tool.

If you are a person who…

  • loves to work with your hands
  • would like easy-to-follow origami instructions (even for beginners)
  • wants to improve your origami and creative skills
  • wants to use origami as a teaching tool
  • appreciates the process as much as the result (or love the journey as much as the destination)
  • enjoys playing with colors and shapes
  • likes do-it-yourself projects
  • wants a practice that brings inspiration, and an opportunity to think creatively and calm the mind
  • wants to be part of a community that loves the art of paper folding…

…I invite you then to visit ORIGAMI SPIRIT and check out the many resources we offer including many video instructions about the art of paper folding and creativity.